Closed Loop Weight Control

By | 08/02/2017

Intrigued and inspired by Jakob Stoustrups closed-loop weight-loss strategy I have tried myself to see if it really is as simple as it looks.

My result looks a bit more erratic than Stoustrups. This is due to some changes I have introduced in the scheme as well as the timing of recorded measurements.
I make two measurements per day: Drained weight after getting out of bed, and drained weight just before getting into bed. Usually the morning measurement is a low compared to the evening before.
I have also decided to ignore the weight of water in my intake since I expect my water balance to be more or less constant and since I do not want to risk dehydration. In any case water is not something that I expect will accumulate in my body over time.
It is clear that intake of alcohol has a significant negative impact on the progress. On January 28 we had wine, and on February 3-5 we were at a major family anniversary with lots of great food, wine and beer.

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